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How to Keep Dogs from Digging In Your Flower Bed Naturally


Do you have a garden or do you intend to put up one soon? While this may sound too easy for seasoned gardeners, this may not be the case for those who own dogs and have considered these furry friends as part of their family.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to come to the point when you have to choose whether you will keep the dog or the garden. You can have both, but only if you are being responsible pet owner and gardener at the same time.

It’s in their nature to dig!

First, you have to understand the nature of dogs. They are fond of chewing and digging. The first place that they will target is your precious garden.

So how can you make them listen to your do’s and don’ts? Not all dogs are equal intellectually, and at times, you have to resort to some means for them to understand what you want.

Your garden in another way needs a peaceful environment and requires some attention. By keeping your dogs away from this area will enhance the growth of your vegetation and plants.

I have compiled a list of 13 best natural methods that you can try to ward off your pets from the garden. The list is intended to educate you about what kinds of materials and smell that can help you to succeed in your goal.

Note: Bear in mind that you have to keep everything in moderation. Similar to why I prefer to have my pup on a natural dog food diet, you should not subject your dog with too many ingredients that can potentially cause harm to their health.

Protect your flower beds

As far as how to keep dogs out of flower beds, there are also ingredients that might damage the vegetation. Make sure that you always use these natural ingredients as recommended.

From the above information, now will be easier to maintain a beautiful lawn and garden even if you own a lot of dogs or if you are not a pet owner, but your neighbors are.

The best thing about the list is that the ingredients are common and natural. This means that these are safe, not only for the dogs but also for humans.

Additional repellent tips

Some repellents which are being sold commercially, aim to ward off various animals in your garden. If you intend in trying any of these, READ the ingredients carefully before putting it into action. Gather feedbacks from other users on how well this product performed before putting to use.

Make sure that all these are safe and non-toxic, the lasting you want to do is get your dog sick. There are also certain elements, such as coyote urine, which can repel rabbits and deer, but attract dogs towards the smell. These are the things that you must consider too.

As much as possible, prefer to use the natural methods in helping you towards your goal and let your pets roam freely in your backyard and garden. Keep away from other dangerous and unfriendly tactics that may hurt your pets. Hey, they have feelings too!

There are many benefits with this natural method – it is cheap, effective and a lot safer.

Most of these ingredients can also be used on the things and spots at home, where you wouldn’t want your dog to nibble on and destroy your garden.

Even though this may take a little trial and error process, it is well worth eventually.

Once you noticed a pattern from your dogs which no longer disturb your plants, maintained it that way.

Seeing the flowers growing well and your pets are in their optimum health, will be the ultimate goal for all gardeners alike.

Contribute by Shad Z, an avid greenist and a blogger in the gardening and botany industry. He is involved with community work in his home in Georgia by organizing campaign and raised awareness on the need to save and recycle.