Our boy Marco loves his Ollie meals

It’s so delicious and nutritious for him and we are so thankful for Ollie for offering such a great product. I totally and unreservedly recommend them to friends and family.

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10 Tips On What To Do When You See Dogs In Hot Cars!

Too often we see negligent pet owners leave their cats and dogs in hot cars, locked up and suffocating to death. So I invited my friend Jesse (a car expert), to share his knowledge on what to do next time you find yourself in this situation. Hope you find it as helpful as I have! As a vet […]

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Careers With Animals That Pay Well: 5 High Paying Jobs You’d Love To Do

If you’re searching for a list of careers with animals that pay well, then that means you’ve probably loved animals since before you could remember. Sometimes the thought of going to a mundane job can be unbearable, but if you have the chance to work with animals and make a positive difference in their lives, […]

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16 Veterinary Resources To Make Affordable Pet Care Possible

Affordable pet care is critical to keep your dog healthy. Being a pet owner means you may encounter a situation where an illness or injury racks up large veterinary bills. So if any of these applies to you or you know of someone that has a pet and could use financial assistance for their pet, such […]

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What Do Vet Techs Really Do? 10 Things Your Career Counselor Will Never Tell You

My mom is a vet tech herself, so I knew what I was getting into when I decided to become a veterinary technician. I’d been around animal care long enough to know that caring for them isn’t all cuddles and Awww. There are messes, heartbreaks, and joy all interwoven together in this bond we share with […]

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