I have had a love for animals since my childhood, beginning with when I was working in a nearby local zoo during my summer holidays. Little that I knew, those experiences served to really allow me to get in touch and reinforce my adoration and feelings for both house pets, farm and wild animals.

regardless of what the rumors say, cats and dogs do get a long!

My strongest affection is for dogs and cats, but gerbils, ferrets, bunnies, and all types of small furry animals are amazing to me as well.

Its a good thing there is a career in pet care as I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

In fact, except for my college years, I have always had a pet. My love for animals has been the primary factor that drove me to working in the field of veterinary and animal care. Ever since I was a kid, I have had a massive inclination towards animals.

During my childhood, my adornment for pets was so irresistible that even my parents and friends noticed it and wondered if I will ever love anyone as much as our pets.

‘Till this day, I still hold that love for animals and spend my adult life caring for them every which way I can.

Being involved in this site is just a natural extension of all of my experiences and to encourage others in following their passion and heart for animal care and become either a vet tech (a career at which many start before becoming a veterinary physician) or a vet assistant.

Either way, you will tap dance to work.

If you need to reach out or want to contact us in any way please head over the the contact page and send your inquires through there.

Thanks and have a great day!