Homemade Dog Food Delivery Reviews: Best Service For a Pet’s Health

Giving your dog cooked food is here to stay. There is no question in my mind that raw food is best, but if your dog can’t handle it or you are transitioning him off dry/canned food, then read my top 4 homemade dog food delivery reviews and subscribe to the service that fits your dog best. After all …

I am sure you have been bewildered every time you shop for the right food for your pet. As you read the labels, you may wonder why anyone would choose a product that is so full of fillers, grain, and flavor without any nutritional value. What’s even more disturbing is the cost of these foods.

I am a big proponent of a natural raw diet for my dogs. Since switching them to raw food their health and energy have been nothing but amazing. It’s their natural food we just twisted it and listed to industry and fed them kibbles because we didn’t know better. Now, we do.

Unfortunately, raw can be intimidating, and sometimes it’s just best to start with a bit of home cooked food first as a transition to raw before switching cold turkey (no pun intended). And if that is too much (you would know by their poop), then use it as a topper first.

Benefits of Homemade


There is no doubt about it, if you are looking to provide your dog with a diet rich in nutrients, homemade is a great option. Your pet’s long term health depends on it mainly because with a homemade diet you have control over the ingredients and nutrients that goes into it.

The best homemade dog food is the answer for your healthy, happy furry family member but where do you start? Providing such a diet can be cumbersome for many folks, being health conscious but leading very busy lives. The solution can be found in a homemade dog food delivery service.

There are several excellent companies that can provide the best home-cooked meals for your dog on a monthly basis, such as PetPlate, The Farmer’s Dog, Nomnomnow, and Ollie.

Leave the preparation in the hands of the experts and rest assured your dog will be consuming a nutritious and balanced diet. All of them can provide custom meals based on your dog’s dietary preferences. Your pet may require low lactose or low sodium diet, for instance. They will accommodate, happily.

Top Services To Try

Below you can find my homemade dog food delivery reviews for each of these reputable companies. To be honest, I am biased, and most of the reviews will be favorable as I love the competition on fresh food.  It is a breath of fresh air to have so many healthy alternatives to dry and canned food of the past.

But, so that you can make your own decision and choose the proper freshly prepared food for your canine, these reviews will be a good comparison so you can choose the right meal service for your pupper.

What I tell my friends and family is the same I will tell you. Each service has a discounted trial period for the first order. Try one, see if your dog likes it, if they don’t, move to another.

Without further ado, lets begin with my favorite… Ollie!

1. My Ollie


My Ollie dog food delivery service consists of vet-formulated meal recipes from the highest quality meats. The goal is to keep you as a loyal customer long-term, providing best tasting, healthiest food possible for your loving and faithful canine. As a result, Ollie searched high and low to ensure top quality and nutrition.

The high-quality meat includes hormone-free chicken, healthy beef, and wholesome turkey. You can also choose from a recipe with pasture-raised lamb. Protein is the first ingredient in all of their recipes. Meals are also enriched with peas, carrots, spinach, and whole blueberries. Superfoods consists of cod liver oil and chia seeds to provide proper essential oils, vitamins, and minerals. You can read more about what goes into their meal on their recipe page.

All meals come in ready-to-serve packaging, delivered right to your door per the schedule you set forth when signing up. All you have to do is scoop out the proper portions and watch your pet enjoy every healthy bite.

Customers love the convenience and quality of the food and the service provided. Many stated in their written My Ollie dog food review posts that their dogs had increased energy after just a couple of weeks on this meal plan, along with improved eyesight, fresher breath, shinier lustrous coats, and better digestion. I know my dog did. You can read more about it in my recently posted My Ollie review.

It sounds like a win-win situation for you the pet parent and your furry canine companion. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself and find out.

2. PetPlate


PetPlate provides meal plans that will ensure your dog is healthier and happier. I know mine was when I had him try their food for the PetPlate review I’m doing. They start the process by creating a profile for your pet. You choose the meals according to the specific needs of your dog and then sit back and await home delivery. Their service is auto-subscription with the food arriving regularly according to the shipment schedule linked to your pup’s meal plan. Additionally, shipping is free.

All meals are ready-to-eat and arrive in proportioned containers. Food choices are determined by the needs of your dog. Meals are all created with wholesome ingredients and never any by-products, preservatives, rendered meats or anything artificial. All recipes are created using vitamin-enriched vegetables like peas and carrots, a high-quality protein of beet or turkey, hearty fiber of pumpkin and apple, energy enhancing carbohydrates such as potatoes or sweet potatoes and healthy safflower or sardine fish oils. Our PetPlate review goes into more details on the breakdown of their meal options and nutrients.

Meals are designed by nutritionists and veterinarians and prepared by their special chefs, adding in a little dab of love. Recipes are determined by your dog’s individual requirements. Being gluten and grain-free, there are minimal issues with allergies. The balanced diet ensures higher energy, improved digestion, a healthier weight and can even entice even the pickiest of eaters. The mission of PetPlate is to provide the best food for your dog with health and convenience in mind.

Regular users of the service attest to the simplicity and honesty of PetPlate. Their dogs love the food, and the owners love the handy little re-sealable tubs, proportioned just to open and serve.

3. NomNomNow


NomNomNow provides the optimum healthy meal plan for your precious canine that is delivered right to your door at just the right time you are in need. Once you go to their site, you will create a profile of your pet that includes the age, weight, activity level and unique health requirements of your dog. From this information, a menu plan will be created although you have a choice of recipes presented to you. Along with the menu plan, you also get free nutritional consultations to answer all questions regarding the needs of your pet.

There is no guesswork involved when feeding your pet because all foods are prepackaged with appropriate portions to just open and serve. The meals are always fresh, never frozen and include no grains, preservatives or fillers. The recipes are vet-approved, balanced and healthy. The goal of Nomnomnow’s approach is to ensure a smooth transition with long-term success for every dog owner and their furry family member. You are more than a number to this company as each pet parent is treated on a one-on-one basis.

Recipes include meal plans that contain nutritious beef, turkey, chicken or pork with no –by-products. Vegetables may include peas, carrots, kale, yellow squash, zucchini, green beans and more. High fiber comes from sweet potatoes and brown rice. All recipes are full of nutrients and fish oil. You may even choose a meal of eggs and veggies. You can also choose from some healthy treats to spoil that furry family member.

Customers love the home-cooked diet plan provided by this homemade pet food delivery service that optimizes the health of the dog as the number one concern. The food arrives at your door at just the right time and freshness is guaranteed. They love it so much they regularly post positive NomNomNow review testimonials on TrustPilot’s site. In fact they have a 9.3 star rating!

4. The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog is another excellent delivery service of freshly made, high-balanced dog meals made with the most wholesome ingredients. The recipes are channeled by science and a touch of love. Only the best human-grade ingredients with high USDA standards are used to ensure natural ingredients with less processing and high safety standards.

When you sign up with the Farmer’s Dog, you will be required to provide a profile for your dog so that the meal plan can be customized to your pet’s requirements. You will be asked the pet’s name, age, body type, activity level, and any special food requirements. All meals arrive pre-made and pre-portioned, so all you have to do is open and serve. The food plans are developed by veterinarians and deliveries are scheduled so that you never run out of any meals.

The profile for your dog helps to create a meal plan with proper caloric values and health needs. You then get to choose among the various recipes that can differ in price. You get to add variety to your dog’s food plan, and deliveries arrive quickly, often within three days after ordering.

Meals consist of the best meat choices, along with vegetables like carrots, spinach, kales and/or peas, rich fiber from sweet potatoes, healthy oils and additional nutrients. Some recipes also contain fruit content such as blueberries, banana or apple. There are absolutely no fillers, grains or preservatives.

Customers love the idea of customizing their plans to the needs of their pets and the quick delivery service. All ready-made meals arrive in insulated boxes that are designed to keep your order cold the entire day of delivery. You also receive the simple feeding instructions on each pack of food that is clearly dated as fresh within a couple of days. Since all meals are human grade without added preservatives, it is essential to treat the food as you would your own.

For a more detailed The Farmer’s Dog delivery service, you can read my full review here.

Keeping It Fresh

Your dog is more than a pet, but a member of your family. You want to provide the best for your family, including the food you serve. The common question among most pet parents is, “what is the best food to serve my dog?” The answer can differ significantly, depending upon who you speak with but it all comes down to nutrition.

How much nutrition is found in the many commercial products on the market? To guarantee a healthy diet for your dog, homemade is always the best option.

A healthy, homemade balanced diet will benefit your dog by providing him or her with a shinier, glossy coat with less shedding, healthy teeth and gums, firmer and regular stools, increased energy, a longer life, and less behavioral issues.

The bottom line is, your dog deserves the very best when it comes to a healthy nutritious meal plan and you, the pet parent deserves the convenience knowing your pet is receiving the optimum in nutrition. Kibbles just won’t do. In fact, there is such a big movement towards a more natural diet for our pets that even the government has chimed in on this topic.

Finding the best dog food delivery service isn’t easy. It’s a very competitive market. Use the information provided here and check each delivery service website to determine which one would best fit your needs and that of your canine family member. Going forward as more services get into the market I will update the list.

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