Top 20 Expert Pet Care Sites on Pet Insurance vs Pet Assure

Read our 20 pet care sites opinion of top rated pet insurance companies for the dedicated pet parent. Is dog insurance worth it? Should you open a vet discount plan from Pet Assure instead? Find out what highly rated experts have to say on which is best and which is …

The web provides many unique and interesting pet care sites with expert opinion on all topics related to the domesticated animal kingdom. From which top rated pet insurance companies you should get health plans for your dog, to quality educational behavior skills you can learn in minutes.

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With so many pet blogs out there is can be a bit too overwhelming to find the best ones, and once you actually do find them, which ones do you follow in the first place?!

Being a pet parent myself, I decided to curate a select list of 20 animal care websites and find out their opinion on pet health insurance and share them with you as they will definitely help with your search for the best pet insurance for dogs and cats alike.

We assign a point for each company mentioned, when none was mentioned we gave a +1 to a pet discount plan. We then added them all up and ranked them in the table below:

Rank Company Points
1 Pet Assure 10
2 Trupanion 7
3 Healthy Paws 5
4 Embrace 3
5 Figo 3
6 Pet’s Best 3

You can then pick and choose whichever one fits you and your pet best. We picked Pet Assure for the vet discount plan as they are the most well known and respected for this type of program. And if you are asking “Is Pet Assure is worth it?” then just read our thorough Pet Assure review for more details on what they cover and other benefits they provide.

There used to be only a few insurance option just a few years back. Now, it’s far too many to be able to adequately compare each one. I hope this article helps in doing just that. Sounds good? Let’s go!

What’s Best, Insurance or Vet Savings Plan?

It really came down to two options, either open a pet discount plan or go with a top provider like Trupanion that doesn’t drag they feet paying the vet or get Pet Assure and get hefty discount on all treatments and pet care expenses without playing footsie with an insurance company. But, just to be on the safe side let’s do a quick math.

If you open a vet discount plan (you get a generous 25% discount on all vet expenses among other things), and put the premiums you would have paid in a separate bank account diligently every month, in our case $84. In five years it would add up to $5,272 dollars. That’s quite a chunk of change to use for any emergency or illness for your pupper.

Bear in mind we still have to pay $200 deductible. So many of its first few expenses won’t get the benefit of having an insurance, at least not in the beginnings.

As your dog gets older the expenses will add up and the costs of operations, x-ray, meds, and so on would just climb higher. Can you afford it? 

Sometimes it’s just better to pay a monthly fee for the extra protection it gives to smooth out anything major. It might not be the most financial sense move to do but neither was having a pet. It’s a responsibility after all.

The fact that you are considering between getting a pet insurance or vet discount program  just goes to show how responsible you are and the love and care you have for your pupper . You will be a great pet parent so just pick the one that fits your personality the best!

1. Pawcurious


Known as a true family veterinarian, Dr. Jessica Vogelsang is well known in the pet world and has one of the post popular veterinary/pet blogs on the net. If you want a no nonsense approach to being a pet parent as well as a parent with children check her site.

She dispenses wisdom on almost every topic related to pet education. Oh yeah, she is an author too! I haven’t had the chance to read her best selling book, All dogs go to Kevin, but I am planning too!

Dr V. does not recommend any insurance company that I could find. And boy did I look. However, she does have 5 great tips on how to pick the best one.

What I would suggest in this case is to open a pet health discount plan. Let the tally being, 1 point added.

2. Keep The Tail Wagging


Champions of raw food for dogs, this site is one of the most comprehensive sites on what to feed your dog, what natural supplements do give, and how to find out what your dog has intolerance for. I know of many pet owners that want to transition to raw food diet for their pup and this is the site they frequent to most.

Kimberly, the owner of the blog, has quite a few article that provide a complete Trupanion review and the signs are positive.

That’s one point for the Trupanion dog Insurance health plan.

3. DoggieBuddy


DoggieBuddy should be called DoggieOwnerBuddy really. With so much information to dog owners it is one of my favorite sites to visit. They don’t post often, but when they do it, it sure is one of those that matter and well worth reading.

Unfortunately when I looked up through the site I could not find a mention on pet cover. So let’s just say it’s another point for a vet discount plan.

4. SoPets

First we have the now famous SoPets, an online pet site giving solid tips on tending and caring for your, what else, pets! What makes this site so unique are pictures it uses to not only capture your attention for to drive the point its trying to make in each one of its published article.

No mentioned of insurance for pets here either. Pet savings program gets a +1.

5. Just For Pets

Just For Pet Austin

I would call this place the Whole Foods for pets. If you want a more holistic approach to raising and feeding your cat, dog, rabbit, or any lovely pet you decided on as your house buddy, then this place is it. Make sure to browse their resources page for additional pet education sites that are worth reading.

They moto is just take care is all about preventative care and good care. What do you think? +1 to Pet Assure’s vet discount plan.

6. BringFido


How many times you take sparky with you with your vacation only to find out dogs are not allowed. Well, fret no more! This site was made for this exact purpose. Next time you are headed to Paris, just check to so which hotels have what pet policy and you will never have to leave your pet home alone ever again! 🙂

A pet travel insurance would be the best bet here. After all the whole focus of the site is pet friendly travel destinations. But alas no mentioned again. Does this mean… yes it does… +1 the vet savings program, again.

7. Web Vets4

Besides proving an excellent service for many pet parents who do not know which veterinary care provider to take their pets too, this site as an outstanding pet care and education blog that will give you plenty of insights on being a pet owner. From how to give your pet their prescribed pills to what you need to know about your bird’s breed.

Unfortunately WebVets is down and we can’t access its articles anymore to find out which plan rates supreme on their end. +1 to Pet Assure.

8. Pet University

With in depth articles from qualified pet trainers, this site give you the complete 411 of each and every type of pet you bring home. Whether it’s a four legged fur-ball or two legs with wings, Pet University has the videos, tutorials, and articles, to help you decide which one would fit your personality best and how to take care of the pet you already have.

Note: many have commented if it’s an actual university. Unfortunately no its not. Similar to “Subway University”, the name is just to imply a center of education and learning and not an actual pet university where you get to train your pet!

Site seems to be defunct as its redirecting to other pet sites unrelated to the original. Let’s give one more to the pet health plan program by Pet Assure option.

9. Cat Lovers Only


As the name says, cat lovers only! Want to know more about you cat breed? Check. Interesting in the best cat food for you feline friend? Check. Want to learn about their behaviour, illnesses, or just share a picture? Check, check, and check! Happy browsing… meow.

Out of the 3 cat insurance reviews mentioned, 1 is no longer available and one was bought out by Nationwide.

That leaves us with Embrace as the best cat insurance provider. +1 for Embrace!

10. Pet Health Care Gazette

the pet health care gazette

The Pet Health Care Gazette is set to be the voice to be the voice of pets! and I have to say she most definitely is and even more so. Any pet care topic you can think of is covered, from the exotic to house pets, you can read it all here.

OK well, this puppy care blog is now a completely different site. So back to +1 to a pet discount program.

11. Petfood Industry


Not sure if that can of cat food is good for your furry friend? Well, this is where you can check the rating on food companies, food products, ingredients, sourcing, and everything pet food related before feeding your pet child that can from the sales aisle.

Their main site is all about food and nutrition. What’s good, what’s bad, what’s poisonous, you get it. Now, even though was plenty of news articles on pet health insurance companies and updates on what they are doing, there wasn’t an actual mention of a preferred policy.

However, Trupanion was mentioned the most. So we will take that as a +1 signal.

12. DogTipper


DogTipper is run buy two professional writers that started their careers in the travel guide industry. After Adopting two beautiful rescue dogs they did start this website to share their tips and tricks with the skills of only a writer turn dog owner could do. Each post has something to discover, so make sure you spend some time browsing their site. Its loaded with useful information.

There are a few posts on insuring your canine, but the most clear opinion seems to be when they had to submit their first illness claim for their dog, Tiki, to their insurance provider, Trupanion. Seems like it was a straightforward process to fill out the Trupanion claim form and submit for approval. +1 to them.

13. Canine Journal


Without a doubt, one of the better pet blogs out there. But one of our favorite articles is their annual pet insurance comparison chart guide. With so many options, too many new pet parents have a hard time deciding which are the best dog insurance plans to get their new puppy. Their list narrows it down to the best ones and lets you choose on your own right from their website, depending on your needs and budget.

They even have a hunting dog health insurance option. Something you should consider if you go on hunting trips as your insurance policy won’t cover your canine and you should get a specific one for your hound.

This one was the easiest one to find. First page right smack in the center page. Healthy Paws is numero uno.

14. Animal Bliss

Jeanne describes herself as an ordinary gal, but there is nothing ordinary about her and her extraordinary blog. She shares detailed tutorials on every pet she or her family get their hands on so we can all learn and save ourselves time and frustration in things as critical as training your cat to use the litter box, to what to expect when your bearded dragon start its shedding process.

This one was a bit more complicated to figure out. But at the end I went with Figo. Not familiar with them? Don’t worry, neither was I. But a point is a point and a well deserved one at that.

15. Go Pet Friendly

This site is a must for any pet owner. Anytime I want to head to a new restaurant with Fido I make sure to check it here first and see if they are pet friendly. But They offer much more than that. They review hotels, retail stores, campgrounds, beaches and more! Definitely a site that should be bookmarked.

Even though they have a solid blog with excellent health tips, I did not find one on insurance. Pet Assure gets another point here.

16. Stale Cheerios


I have to admit, dog training is not my forte. Mary runs this site and she is a professional animal trainer who known her stuff well. What’s more you get to learn the inside scoop right from the horses mouth on what to do, and more importantly, what not to do!

Even though there are many articles on training animals (especially working dogs) there are zero posts on health insurance for working dogs, which equals to one point on a vet savings plan again.

17. Dog Shaming

Whenever I want a quick laugh and just to browse other dog owners misfortunes to make me feel better about my own I come here. It is a great site to release your frustration with your pup’s latest shenanigans. Tobi ate your homework? No worries, take a picture and shame (or congratulate) him online. You almost start enjoying the little rascal’s extra curricular activities!

Quite a few pet parents posted they have some kind of insurance for puppies. That being said, we will go ahead and give a +1 to all plans just to keep it even as none was specifically named.

18. Dog Aware

Unfortunately this site is not updated as frequently anymore. But I just had to mention it because there are so many gems of information, research, detailed posts, and all around pet care education, that if you haven’t come across this site before you need to at least be aware of it. Hopefully, Mary would still publish a post or two once in a while.

Oh boy, in the resources page there were at least 10 pet insurance companies listed, but, none seemed good enough to pass the snuff. So, considering insurance is listed as a category, we will give points to all the legitimate ones already listed on our scoreboard.

19. The Bark

the bark

The Bark needs no introduction. With their success from the early publishing of the Bark magazine covering all dog health care and education needs they have continued their success online with their top rated dog blog. We have to say we are impressed. They have an excellent list of healthy guides and detailed dog care posts to help you better understand your life’s co-pilot.

With so much good content we picked our litter from their best friendly companies page. Two were mentioned in that list. Trupanion and Healthy Paws. +1 to each.

20. Pawsitively Pets

pawsitively pets

There is no other pet blogger I enjoy reading as much as Ann’s blog. She goes above and beyond to advocate for our furry friends and shares it all online. From wild and exotic to the stay at home canine. She has a mission to make world a better place for pets and humans alike.

Last but not lease is our favorite blogger Ann. She pawsitively has a few posts as well but the one that stood out the most was Pet’s Best. +1 to the new comer.

That’s the list! We hope you enjoyed these select pet and veterinary sites and their opinion on the top rated pet insurance plans as much as we did showcasing them.

Note to prospective vet tech students, add these sits to your bookmark as they are worth following in your career path of becoming a veterinary technician.

If you are a veterinary student and are enrolled in either an online program or a traditional school, then I highly recommend subscribing to 2-3 of the newsletters from any of the vet specific sites above as they consistently shared insightful gems on a regular basis.

Many of you heard of most of them but a few of the lesser known blogs are definitely worth checking out and deserve extra attention. Plus, we like to mix things up!

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