Best Place To Buy Pet Meds Online: Get These 7 Crucial Puppy Shots & Save

Puppies can be expensive. That’s why if you want to save money, shopping online for your for puppy shots is a great idea. In my opinion, the best place to buy pet meds online are the ones below.

Over the years we shopped at many different sites and these are the ones we keep going back too over and over again. Either because of their reasonable price on meds, prompt delivery, or great customer service.

They all also happen to have the lowest cost and affordable puppy vaccines, with many different brands to choose from, so that doesn’t hurt either.

The following online pet supply shops are great places to save online on puppy over-the-counter meds, such as dewormers,  and other rx medications prescribed by your vet, such as vaccines.

  1. PetCare RX
  2. Revive Animal Health
  3. USA Pet Express
  4. Pet Care Supplies
  5. Canada Pet Care
  6. Budget Pet Care
  7. 1-800-PetSupplies
  8. Vet Approved Rx

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Vaccines You Can Order Online

As you know, puppies are some of the most joyful creatures on earth. Those floppy ears, that pudgy belly, and their fat little feet make you want to squeeze them until your heart bursts with happiness. When every member of your family is in love with the new member, it’s even more important to ensure your dog is protected from a variety of preventable diseases.

Several vaccines are very common and important for all dogs, while others are only important in certain climates or locations. Your veterinarian will have additional recommendations of their own, but in my experience, these are the seven shots that every puppy should receive.

1. Rabies

Yes, you can buy rabies vaccine online. Rabies is a dangerous virus that attacks the nervous system after a brief incubation period of several weeks. It is very lethal to both humans and dogs, and it is typically spread via animal bites.

Unfortunately, infected animals often become especially hostile during the disease’s second phase. This may make infected hosts more likely to bite and spread the disease further. Many states require annual rabies vaccinations otherwise you will get fined.

A rabies vaccine is required by law, but it’s also a very necessary vaccine. It’s mistakenly believed that rabies has been eradicated due to its low incidence rate, but it’s very much present in most states. Many bats, raccoons, and foxes are testing positive for rabies.

Rabies is 100% fatal, and if it’s suspected that your dog has it, there are only two ways to know for sure: to wait until your dog shows symptoms and then putting them to sleep, or to put your dog to sleep and send their brain out for rabies testing. If that doesn’t change your mind, many counties place hefty fines on owners if their dogs aren’t up to date on their rabies vaccine.

You can look up your state’s statutes or ask your vet about local laws. Either way, a rabies vaccine is a good idea for a vulnerable pup.

2. Canine Distemper

Distemper is another serious virus, it is a fatal disease that’s incurable. It affects many different kinds of mammals including dogs and various species of wildlife, such as skunks, raccoons, foxes, wolves, and coyotes. It is somewhat similar to measles in humans. The virus is transmitted through the air or via contact with an infected animal and can cause permanent damage to a dog’s lungs, brain, or gastrointestinal system.

When it replicates in the dog’s body, it attacks the respiratory, urogenital, gastrointestinal, and neurological symptoms. The first major symptom is a very high fever, and then reddened eyes and a watery discharge from the eyes and nose. These are followed by lethargy, coughing, vomiting, and diarrhea. As the neurological system is attacked, your dog may experience seizures and paralysis.

Puppies are particularly vulnerable to distemper, and often suffer complications from the virus that can result in death. As you can see, this is a very important vaccine for your puppy.

3. Canine Parvovirus

Yes you can buy parvo shots online. Parvo is another deadly virus. It is also the most common infectious disease affecting American dogs. The disease can proceed relatively quickly, and death can occur within two days of the disease’s onset.

The parvovirus is responsible for a significant amount of puppy deaths every year. Parvo is a very preventable disease that many dogs contract because they lack proper vaccines. They contract it in a variety of ways, either coming into contact with the feces of a dog with parvo, a person who has been in contact with a sick dog, or simply walking across grass that an infected dog has been on.

The virus is very strong and can resist freezing temperatures and blazing heat for up to four years. Bleach is the only thing that can successfully kill the virus.

If your puppy contracts parvo, they’ll lose their appetite and become lethargic and weak. They will then get bloody diarrhea as the intestinal lining begins to die and slough off. Vomiting accompanies the diarrhea, further contributing to your puppy’s dehydration. The only successful treatment is to hospitalize your puppy with IV fluids, antibiotics, and careful monitoring by your vet.

It is highly contagious and often causes a dog to vomit and pass loose, bloody stools. Its primary mechanism of infection is through these stools, but it can survive up to two years on inorganic surfaces. It can also be transmitted via rodents or insects. In other words, it could be anywhere, so it is very important to protect your new friend against Parvo.

4. Canine Adenovirus-2

Yes you can buy distemper vaccine online. Sometimes called CAV-2, this virus causes the canine equivalent of hepatitis. It does serious damage to a dog’s liver, kidneys, and eyes. It spreads through infected body fluid, including urine. It is very common throughout the entire world, especially in dogs less than one year old. It can be spread by dogs that appear completely asymptomatic. Symptoms include seizures, the clouding of the dog’s eyes, and vomiting or diarrhea. Once symptoms begin to show, a dog can die within hours. Fortunately, the vaccine is very effective at protecting your dog from harm.

5. Canine Adenovirus Type-1

Canine hepatitis is also caused by the Canine Adenovirus Type-1, which is also available to order online. The virus attacks all of the cells in the body, but the liver, kidneys, and eyes are particularly susceptible. The liver is the most affected, suffering the most damage of all of the organs. If a dog isn’t treated for hepatitis, the liver can go into failure and subsequently kill your dog. Treatment can be very intense, especially if the liver is damaged to the point of creating a hemorrhage internally. This will mean your dog requires blood transfusions and intensive supportive care at the vet clinic.

6. Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is a disease that spreads via bacteria. Once it gets into the blood stream, it quickly attacks the kidneys, liver, nervous system, and reproductive organs of its host. It is uncommon to vaccinate puppies against Leptospirosis before they are at least a few months old.

The bacteria is most common around water sources, where it spreads when animals drink, and it is least common in very cold areas. Ask your vet if you live in a place where Leptospirosis is a concern. If you need antibiotics then know that is it possible to buy pet antibiotics online as well.

7. Coronavirus

Canine coronavirus is the second leading cause of diarrhea in puppies. While it doesn’t have a high death rate, it can still take its toll on your puppy’s developing system. Coronavirus is often confused with parvovirus because the symptoms are almost identical, including the odor associated with the diarrhea. Weaker puppies younger than 12 weeks are more likely to die from the diarrhea, especially if they aren’t given any treatment. So make sure you put this one it your list when you go and buy puppy shots online. The sooner the better.

Protect Your Pup’s Health

Congratulations! You just found a new life companion who will love you unconditionally forever. Having a puppy is a big responsibility though; besides just training your pup, there’s also cleaning up after her, exercising her, and generally keeping her out of trouble.

But you also need to worry about your puppy’s health, and it can be a big, dangerous world out there for your new little bundle of curiosity. Before your puppy can grow up and protect you, you need to protect her, and a huge part of puppy health comes in the form of vaccinations against common doggy diseases.

In fact, the biggest thing you can do to ensure your puppy lives a long, healthy life is to get them their full series of puppy vaccinations. With so many vaccines out there, it can be hard to keep straight which ones are necessary and which ones are dependent on the area in which you live. Luckily, the option to buy dog vaccine online makes things a lot easier and at least take some of the headache away by selecting the best place to buy pet meds.

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