Pets are a part of your family. They have personalities, feelings, and they can convey emotions such as love and sadness. Animals are meant to provide us with a lifetime of happiness. With that happiness, though, comes responsibility- pets require most of the care a human does. When they become ill, or they are in pain, medical attention is a must and the cost is no less than it is to treat a human. Animals have allergies, get colds, and develop conditions just as we do and often require the help of medication. Pet medications can be pricey as well, especially when there are purchased at a veterinary clinic. They are essential, however, and pet owners will cough up whatever they have to ensure their pets are healthy. Luckily, there are many sources for discounted pet medications that save you money and time.

A veterinarian examines animals and can prescribe pet medications according to diagnosis. The doctor’s assistant, or veterinary technician, can administer the medication and is well-versed on the dosage so that they can relay the instructions to the pet owners. Proper procedural directions should be followed with all pet medications. The most commonly prescribed medications include antibiotics and pain medicine. These medications are also available through online stores- the prices are drastically less than those of a pet pharmacy because the medications are available without the mark-up price. Purchasing pet medications online can spare you the retail prices and often times the medication is delivered promptly. It is crucial that our pets get the medication that they need.

The best person to consult with about pet medications is your veterinarian. They will be able to answer any questions you have regarding prescriptions, including side effects and proper dosage. They can also provide you with some trusted resources to purchase pet medications, such as PetMeds. When it comes to your pet’s health, do not hesitate to ask questions. Know what the normal side effects are to the prescribed medication, as well as abnormal reactions. Monitor your pet’s behavior after taking the medication and take note of their energy level and appetite. Medications are intended to improve the health of your pet, not inhibit it so be sure that your pet is reacting in a positive way to the treatment.