Our boy Marco loves his Ollie meals

It’s so delicious and nutritious for him and we are so thankful for Ollie for offering such a great product. I totally and unreservedly recommend them to friends and family.

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Pet Assure Review: Is Their Veterinary Discount Plan Worth it?

Pet Assure is a different kind of veterinary assistance company. They are a discount plan, offering 25% percent off all services when subscribers go to a participating veterinarian. They claim that 10% percent of all veterinarians in the U.S. are Pet Assure providers, but this will, of course, vary by region. For new pet parents, […]

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My Ollie Dog Food Review: They Say They Keep It Real, Let’s Find Out.

For most people, their idea of dog food is not real food. Instead, it involves pebble-sized pieces of hard kibble or cans of mush. While these options may keep our dogs’ bellies full and their bodies going, they are not much of a substitute for real food. Interested in giving real dog food a try? […]

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NomNomNow Review: A Veterinarian Formulated Homemade Dog Food Delivery Service

Pets are currently eating better than they ever have before in some ways, and worse than they ever did in others. While modern balanced diets no doubt provide a more complete source of vitamins and minerals than table scraps or garbage heaps ever did, products like kibble and canned food may have had many important […]

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Top 5 Easy Healthcare Jobs That Pay Well: Get a Medical Career in 1 Year

In an economy that seems to have as many setbacks as it does gains, it can be hard to find a career that remains steady no matter the state of the economy. Healthcare manages to stand the test of time, always offering steady jobs in any job market. If you’ve been considering a job in […]

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Best Dog First Aid Kit – 14 Items You Need To Have In a K9 Medical Kit

Do you have a dog first aid kit? More importantly, if you have one, do you know how to use what’s inside of it? First aid kits treat minor injuries or help keep your dog stable until you can get them to their veterinarian or the closest animal hospital in case of an emergency. You […]

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Healthy & Safe Dog Chews: 5 Natural Rawhide Alternatives For Dogs

Every pet owner considers giving their dog a rawhide, but did you know that such treats can be dangerous for your pet. Dogs do love the bones, and they can provide contentment for extended periods of time. Dogs are amazing animals with unbounding loving and loyalty for their humans, but can at times get bored. […]

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