Best Raw Dog Food Delivery – The Diet To Put Your Paws On

Have you heard about the many benefits of a raw diet for your pup but don’t know how to get started? Where do you even buy raw pet food and how much do you

Have you heard about the many benefits of a raw diet for your pup but don’t know how to get started? Where do you even buy raw pet food and how much do you need? Can you be sure that you’re getting raw food from a reputable source or could you be feeding your pup something that may hurt them? Needless to say, there’s a lot of confusion around raw dog food diets unless you’ve done some serious research. But did you know that you can get raw dog food delivered right to your door? Yes, there are multiple places online that specialize in raw dog food delivery and the best part is you can ask as many questions as you want. Some of these places even have specialists that can help you come up with meal plans for your dog according to weight, breed, nutritional needs, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Here are the best raw dog food diet meal delivery services.

Raw Paws Pet Food

When you first visit Raw Paws website, it can seem a little overwhelming, especially when you click on the frozen raw option and have no idea where you should start. If you look around a bit, you’ll see that Raw Pets provides a custom meal plan to meet your pet’s specific needs that also suits you and your budget. For a limited time, the meal plan option is actually free. All you need to do is either call the given Raw Pets number or fill out a form and a specialist will get back to you to go over your options. The form includes questions about your experience level, whether or not you currently feed your dog a raw food diet, and what your monthly budget is. Raw Paws only sources from responsible and ethical farms and is dedicated to delivering the highest quality and freshest ingredients you can buy. They ship anywhere in the United States and offer free shipping options for orders more than $49. Raw Paws offers advice right on their website to answer questions you might have in regards to raw food, including what to do when you receive your package, how to serve it, and how to transition your pup from its current kibble. We would say that Raw Paws is 100% worth checking out if you want guaranteed high-quality items and assistance from a raw food professional to get you on the right track in your pet’s raw food journey.



One of the things that I like most about NomNomNow is their straightforward webpage. As someone who has never personally tried raw food for my dogs, I appreciate that they make it easy to start your first order. You can click the big “Healthy Starts Here” or “20% off your first order” buttons to start creating your meal plan with, you guessed it, 20% off your first order. Creating your meal plan is fun and easy, they take you through the process step by step to obtain relevant information about your cat or dog without overwhelming you. Then, you’re presented with a list of recipes with the reassurance that all recipes are formulated by Dr. Shmalberg, a Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist. You can select up to two of these recipes. And they’re not just raw meat as you might expect (if you know nothing about raw food, like me). They are fully balanced raw meals complete with meat, vegetables, grain or potatoes, and the NomNomNutrient Mix. Enter in your contact information and you are on your way to 20% off your first order! NomNomNow ships across the United States and all shipping boxes, liners, and meal packs are made out of recycled materials. All in all, another fantastic option for raw food delivery for your pup (or cat!).

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog has a similar layout and plans to NomNomNow. They make it incredibly easy to get started with a big “Redeem 20% off” in the upper right corner. You are then asked for information about your pup to personalize your plan. One interesting feature is they ask if you feel that fresh food is the healthiest for your dog. You can answer with “I already believe”, “I don’t know yet”, or “I don’t believe”. Then, they ask for specific information about your pup, right down to selecting a visual that best represents their body type. Farmer’s Dog is also very specific about your pup’s breed, any possible health issues, and the diet they’re currently eating which makes me feel much more comfortable as a first-time raw food shopper. And get this – not only does The Farmer’s Dog deliver anywhere in the United States, but plans also start at $2 a day with free shipping, making raw food incredibly affordable. Your selection is shipped on a flexible basis to ensure your pup never runs out of food. The Farmer’s Dog’s raw meals are only of the highest quality and are prepared in USDA inspected kitchens where meals are cooked at low temperatures to abide by USDA-facility standards. Meals arrive in refrigerated and environmentally friendly boxes so you can rest easy knowing that your food (and your pup) is safe.

As a first-time buyer of raw food, I would be confident buying from any of these three raw dog food meal delivery services. In terms of feeling confident as a beginner, I would have to give the edge to the Farmer’s Dog. The amount of information that the Farmer’s Dog requests in an appealing and non-overwhelming way certainly makes me feel safe that my pups are in good hands. Check out Raw Paws Pet Food, NomNomNow, and The Farmer’s Dog for some fantastic raw dog food meal delivery services that are sure to meet your raw dog food delivery needs!

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